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7/28/2017 If you notice on the news that there is a “high surf advisory”, you should plan a trip to go detecting. High surf can move sand. When new sand is exposed you have a better chance of finding targets. In addition, when there are very high tides like when the moon is in full or new phases, new sand can be exposed.

You will want to plan your trip to coincide with low tide, so that more beach is exposed. Most search coils are waterproof, but if the hole you’re digging keeps filling with sand because of the water making it more fluid you are going to get frustrated.

Now get out there and start detecting!


4/23/2018  Winter is having a hard time letting go, but it will soon be time to go barefoot on the beach.  Some of the items I’ve found on the beach would make you think twice about going barefoot though!  I have found a Buck knife, a pair of kitchen shears(scissors), fishing hooks, etc.  Maybe we should look on what we do as a service, clearing the beach to make it safe for others to go barefoot on the beach!